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I guess you’ve all heard about the petrol prices increasing. They just went up by Rs. 7 starting today. That means I’m going to have to shell out another Rs 200 per week to keep the tank full. Oh well! I’ve been getting all these jokes too on BBM  lately about the price hike:

1. Petrol Pump attendant: Kitne ka daaloon?

Biker: 2-4 rupaiye ka bike pe spray kar de. Bike jalani hai

2. Harbhajan to Dhoni: Yaar main ye match jaanbooch kar haara!

Dhoni: Kyun?

Harbhajan: Yaar pata chala ki prize me ye log volkswagon dene wale hain! Who bhi petrol pe chalne wali!

But what took the cake was the public reaction yesterday. I was out with my cousin when he suddenly realized that his car is about run out of petrol. So we drove to the nearest petrol pump. And what do we see? People crowding and milling about the petrol station as if it’s the end of the world! As if petrol won’t be available at all from tomorrow.

My cousin turned to me and joked, “I guess they’re selling tickets to the ships that’ll save us when the end of the world hits. Let’s try someplace else”

So we decided to drive outside the city and try a petrol pump on the outskirts (I’m in Mysore at the moment, so driving outside the city is luckily possible. What did you think? I was attempting this in Mumbai? Ha!). But the one outside the city was even worse! It looked like the whole of Mysore had come up with the same bright idea that we had come up with. If we had decided to wait, it would have taken us 3 hrs easily, by which time, the meagre amount of petrol in the tank would have been used up and we’d have to push the car.

We decided to try another, farther away from the city. This one was even worse. We’d probably have to wait till midnight to be able to fill up our tank there.

Then we thought , why not go back to the city and try the Shell Petrol Pump. It’s a bit expensive which means there won’t be much of a crowd there. Well, luckily, this ‘bright idea’ of ours worked out. We waited 15 mins, filled up the tank and got out of there.

Now, if any of you readers own petrol pumps, I really want to know on thing. Just how much did you guys make yesterday? Any overnight millionaires? Hey, it sure looked like it!